The first results of the Insta360 One

My first camera I bought was a JVC Everio GZ-R515BE Camcorder. The “Insta360 One” should be an extension of it, so I can combine normal video with 360 video. That was the theory. The photo function was for me only an extra  like it was also on the Sony.

The first time I saw 360 photos, the so called Tiny Planets, I was not impressed. I though it ito small/tiny and you don’t see anything on it. When I made my first photo’s and play with it, the photo change to small  nice detailed art. from that moment I was in love with Tiny Planets. You can find my results by My photos or direct on Instagram. But below 2 examples:

During the making of the different photo I come to a lot of beginners problems. Here an summery of them:

  • You can’t hide behind the camera
  • I use the camera without a selfie stick, so in most of the photos you see my hand/thumb.
  • Insta360 and the iPhoneX works great together but if you hold it in your hand again this is visible in the photo. Only when you use the Bluetooth function and timer you can hide hand/thumb from the photo.
  • I made a lot of photos but most of them are not good enough to publish. I was not looking into the camera, colors were not that good, the lightning was not good so you didn’t see my face ect.
  • Not only the making of a good photo is difficult, also the editing is a difficult part. You have to find/learn all the different programs available. And on this moment i only use the free ones.

So you can see there is a lot of posebilities to improve.


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