Waldo Peijster

My gear

When I started with 360 photography, I had already some gear for video making. Also I bought some new gear. Here below a summary of all the gear I use now: Camera: JVC Everio GZ-R515BE Insta360 one  Audio: Zoom H2n Handy recorder Tripod / Selfie stick : Manfrotto PIXI mini tripod Bullet-Time Bundle (ONE)+ remote Maginon tripod  Powerbank: Belkin powerbank- 15.000 mAh – black  Memory: 1T Texas USB disk MicroSD 64G, 128G VR glasses: Oculus go  
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The first results of the Insta360 One

My first camera I bought was a JVC Everio GZ-R515BE Camcorder. The "Insta360 One" should be an extension of it, so I can combine normal video with 360 video. That was the theory. The photo function was for me only an extra  like it was also on the Sony. The first time I saw 360 photos, the so called Tiny Planets, I was not impressed. I though it ito small/tiny and you don’t see anything on it. When I made my first photo's and play with it, the photo change to small  nice detailed art. from that moment I was in love with Tiny Planets. You can find my results…
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Insta360 GO

Yes, I have bought the "Insta360 One" camera online. And till now it is great. But before I bought it, I look on the internet which one I should buy. My first reason was to use it when I was snorkeling under water during my next holiday to Curacao. This requirement was a difficult one.You can get waterproof cases for the different cameras but during stitching you don't get the same result as above water (I read it in different reviews). Because I only snorkel in the summer in Curacao, I drop this requirement. I got a lot of information on Youtube, but still it was difficult to make a…
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